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Are we going to see the Linux version here too? Seems Steam will get a Linux version going by the system requirements.

Great game!  Gets the blood pumping though... enjoy!

Great game! I go on a mission to kill MetalCrusher... and fail badly :P

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it's coming soon

If you wanna check out Zombie Mode! This may not be the best example... It exists though!!


This Game is great and I'm on a mission... it doesn't go well.

Hello there, somehow i don't like to download games from Installer. Because it has risk to install PUPs or Viruses. Please, can you make the Portable version? So we can download it without Installer.

Thank you.

how you made this epic game

Okay, I'll admit when a friend of mine recomended this game to me I was a little hesitant as it's not what I typically play, but now I absolutley love it! I actually got a chance to record a little gameplay video for it with some friends and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreciate it! in the meantime thanks for creating such a surprisingly addicting game! 

please help me because i love to play this game

is it working now?

yes it is working ; thank you very much:)

Hi! Can you help me out? For some reason, the game won't load in.
When I start the game all I see is a black screen. Please help me

Hai! Can you help me out? For some reason, the game won't load in. When I start the game all I see is a black screen. Please help meh

This Game is fantastic and I love it. I have some pretty cool moments here! Check them out!

I got a really annoying bug. Everytime I press Escape, my game minimizes to Nirvana (not closed!) but I can't keep playing, which sucks.


Same here. If I click on the "play in fullscreen" it crashes too.

hey! Nice work!

What game engine is it?


no engine, just Javascript

So no graphical engine? So you Code all the effects, movements, sprite displaying etc by your own?


Nice work! Also did that in the past :)

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Back at it again and I still love this game check out my new video and let me know if you want to see a Live Stream of this in the comments! 

What a great game, this really is one of the better games I have played on the site and I will end up playing this again on my channel and off because its just so good! 


and can you give me the discord link pls

nice game me and my friend dowload it and played it and its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

found this little gem on Facebook. really excited to hear that you're vying for a steam release. is that still in the works? and if so, is there some sort of ETA? love this game.. wish there were more like it.

yea, it's still in the works.  thanks for your support =)

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My game works but when i open the game the camera goes around  walls and boxes and lights- plus there is a loading sign in the middle of the screen and nothing else happens

 . Please tell me what to do!!!